LOMBOK An adventure-seeker’s Paradise

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LOMBOK : An adventure-seeker’s Paradise

 “Featuring unique mixture of untamed nature beauty”

Lombok is located in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It's part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Lombok with cultural fascinations and a climbable volcano over 3.700 m high, It's seems Lombok's time has arrive. A treasure chest of discoveries are emerging from under Bali's shadow as a new must-experience destination.

Lombok has also indigenous people called Sasak. Like many ethnic groups in Indonesia, Sasak are part of the group of Austronesians who migrated from mainland Asia some 5.000 year BC, to populate South-east Asia all the way to the South Pasific islands. This latter frequently mixed basic Islamic beliefs with Hindu-Buddhist beliefs, thus creating the Wetu Telu Wetu Telu (Three Times), a syncretic Islam tradition that intertwines elements of Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient traditional beliefs unique to Lombok.

The most ancient Sasak Village is Bayan, near foot of Mount Rinjani, which is the stronghold of the Wetu Telu. Some people say that Wetu Telu people originate from Bayan although it is somewhat isolated. Sasak village are clustered on low escarpment to conserve arable land. A village is approached via a path leading to a narrow gateway, and the village rises to the crown of the hill with a few lateral paths and many “zing-zag” trails accessing the houses. A thatched roof mosque with a square pyramid or double pyramid masque forms the centre of the village.

Bale (traditional house) are built in rows. The houses are divided into three sections, the kitchen, sleeping are/ bedroom and the living room. But most prominent and typical to Lombok is the lumbung  or rice barn. The structures have only one opening, a high window into which rice is loaded twice a year. Four 1.5 metre hardwood posts are mounted on a level, sundried mud and buffalo-dug platform, and dics known as jelepreng are set towards the top to prevent rodent ingress.

Talking about volcano, Lombok has the famous mountain called Rinjani. Forming the centerpiece of Lombok Island is the majestic Mount Rinjani volcano, a 3,762 giant. Open from April to November, it's a great time for seeing with Rinjani. After a challenging four-day trek to the summit, climbers are rewarded with a mind-blowing view of an active caldera that covers over 50km, and views as distant as Java, Bali and Sumbawa.

Before you stand up in Lombok,you should first feel in Mandalika. One more information is about Mandalika. It’s focus place which is development by government for tourism. It's a place of narural and cultural conservation which local arts and culture are acculturated. The gateway to reach Lombok, attraction on the island with white sand beach of the Indian Ocean and  various local attractions nearby to the Mandalika.  It offers natural beauty, panoramic view, and many other attractions.

Lombok is filled with beautiful beaches and stunning everywhere. So maybe you can find a beach like Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Asahan and more than thirty beaches. All of them is spread throughout West Nusa Tenggara region. Try Lombok's tiny Gili islands, afloat like three jewels upon a placid sea just offshore to the west. This trio of tropical paradises is the home of superb scuba-diving, deserted white-sand beaches and chilled-out beach bars. And Lombok can you make  for a pleasant alternative to Bali’s congested byways.

Besides that, for surfers, this place is the gateway to one of the greatest surfing spots in the world- the famed "Desert Point" of Bangko Bangko. At stunning Seger Beach, you might be able catch the "Lombok Bau Nyale Festival", with displays of traditional "Presean" fighting techniques, spicy local dishes, poetry readings and the beachside "catching of the worms" fertility ceremony.

Don’t forget, sunset linger in the memory longer than the light that turns into a colourful multi-hued dusk. Grab a front-row seat on a section of sparsley populated beach and watch it happen in style. One of the many open-plan restaurants that line the harbor would also be a great vantage point. So, are you ready to feeling all of them ? Follow us, Indonesia Trip Advisors J

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